Our Custom bandanna designs make your pet part of your special occasion!


Color: Black

Size: Small

Design: Pearl vinyl design and oversize Ivory sparkle bowtie


If you want to include your best furry friend in your ceramony, this is the perfect accent! Bandannas can be worn to the front or the back with our easy wear, slide-over-collar design.


Bandannas and accessories are not for long-term or overnight wear. Bandannas and/or accessories should only be worn under direct adult supervision. Pet tolerance for attire and/or accessories vary, please use at your discretion. We can not be held responsible for misuse, alternative use or intolerance of our products.


Custom Wedding Over-Collar Bandanna

  • We consider all our products custom ordrer and will be unable to accept returned merchandise or offer refunds. Please read all product information, verify measurements and sizing options and ask all questions prior to placing your order.


    Much Love!

    4-Leg Fashions by Old New & Something Blue, LLC